Aromatherapy- the language of incense

A walk in the rose garden will always put you in a cheerful mood, though the colourful roses soothe the eyes but it is the smell that works as a mood changer. The aroma of the roses induces a feeling of happiness which further fuels the feelings of love.

Hence, the power of smell and fragrance works in myriad ways on a person’s mind and body and aromatherapy is the language of incense whereby, the nomenclature itself is derived from two words, ‘aroma’- which means the fragrance or sweet smell with a subtle pervasive quality and ‘therapy’ meaning the treatment designed to cure.

Aromatherapy literally means healing through the sense of smell where we use essential oils derived from a plant’s leaves, flowers, stalks, bark, rind or roots to benefit our body and mind. These are mixed with other substances such as oil, alcohol or lotion and then put on skin, sprayed in the air or inhaled. Essential oils have the capacity to alter moods with their aromas as they work on our emotions, memories and hormones.

These oils are our nature’s best kept secrets and are also referred to as ‘essences. They work through our sense of smell to transcend the conscious level and reach the subconscious level. The oils have the power to interact with the body’s hormones and enzymes to cause changes in blood pressure, pulse and other body functions.

The intriguing aspect of smells or aromas is their ability to evoke memories not just visual images of past happenings but also emotions. That is why the smell of freshly brewed coffee or good food can remind you of your grandmother as it evokes a lot of memories and makes you nostalgic and reminiscent of a lot associated with that smell. This is because aromas stimulate the olfactory system which is connected to the brain.

Aromas can also trigger a variety of chemical actions within the body which include releasing of hormones that relax, calm, excite or stimulate and generally create a sense of well-being. That is why oils are used by lovers to enhance sex life. An intense feeling of love heightens the limbic system, starting the flow of hormones on an unconscious level.

There are numerous studies done to show that the scent of lavender, when inhaled, affects the beta waves thus reducing stress and promoting calmness.

So go ahead and incorporate aromatherapy in your everyday life and let the aromas of essential oils enrich your life while gently taking care of your little troubles. Embark on this fragrant journey towards a balanced, harmonized and happy life.

Interesting facts about smell:-   

  • Smell works through associations and images.
  • Our nose can be trained to differentiate several hundred different odours.
  • Poets and writers have gained inspiration from different smells.
  • When you are suffering from an illness, your sense of smell is sometimes deadened.
  • Your sense of smell remains alert for twenty-four hours even while you are asleep.
  • The strongest and deepest experiences are often accompanies by olfactory sensations.
  • Our enjoyment of food is primarily a nasal experience. For example, when you have cold and your nose is blocked, your tongue can still taste but you are not able to enjoy your food.

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