Ways To Keep Your Hand Creamy & Beautiful!

“Hands Up” whose beautiful?

Hello all you lovelies out there, So, I sat down to write down another article for this blog the other day, while thinking I just glanced at my hands and voila I realised why not write on this topic. Let’s face it, there are some things you just cannot hide and your hands are a splendid example, though often the most neglected part of your body.

They are your ambassadors to the world and express the essential you. Your hands and nails do so much work that they deserve that special care, especially during winters. Hard water, detergents, chemicals as well as skimping on hand drying can lead to rough, sand paper-dry skin as hands do not have many oil producing glands.

I follow a special hand care regime as I firmly believe that though my face doesn’t give away my age but my hands do. Lack of proper care can actually make you look and feel older that you really are.

To share my hand care regime with you, I massage my hands with a hand cream daily and I scrub my hands with a mineral glow or coffee bean scrub religiously once a week. It might seem overwhelming but starting with a hand care routine can actually improve your hands.

Place hand creams and lotions by the sinks of your kitchen and in the bathrooms, this way, right after washing your hands, just grab a pump of lotion to rehydrate your skin. Also, carry around a small bottle of lotion or cream in your bag and moisturize your hands on the go.

One golden rule to follow for good looking hands is to always apply a good, lubricating hand cream after washing.

For harsh chemicals and cold dry air, the answer is protective gloves.

For sunlight and sports enthusiasts a sunscreen on their hands that contains Para-Aminobenzoic acid to screen out the aging ultraviolet rays is a perfect solution.

Red hands and chilblains- Stretch your hands out in front of you and extend your fingers as far apart as you can, keeping them tense, hold this position for the count of ten and then slowly reduce the tension in your fingers. Repeat ten times daily.


Shake your hands vigorously several times a day. Apart from this, take a course of calcium tablets, and massage your hands daily.

Roughened or chapped hands- Roughened or chapped hands are usually caused by a lack of Vitamin B complex. So take a course of tablets or injections. Try a compress of an infusion of Marigold petals for chapped or roughened hands. Or, wash hands, pat dry, apply vinegar diluted in a little water and put on a pair of soft gloves. Leave on for 15 minutes, wash with warm water afterwards.

Brittle and splitting nails- For brittle and splitting nails, take two tablespoons of gelatine daily in a glass of fruit juice. Lubricate ragged cuticles and the areas around the nails with cream as often as possible to eliminate raggedness and hang nails.

Soft hands- Mix half teaspoon of lemon and 1 tablespoon of glycerine in a few drops of rose water and apply twice a day. Use almond oil and olive oil to prevent lines and make your hands soft.

Hold hands with your loved ones, create a beautiful world and put your best hands forward. Adieu!

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