There is no one like you, thats why the world celebrates you

Being a woman is the greatest virtue, for a woman is the origin of a man, of the whole mankind and has the power to create, nurture and transform. It is not said for nothing that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Although women should be crowned and celebrated every day, but here to the special day dedicated to them, I wish all you lovelies a very Happy Women’s Day!

Us women are trained to become superwomen right from our childhood, like we are on a never ending treadmill, running and juggling with the challenges at various stages of our lives.

Hence, I thought of coming up with this blog suggesting various essential oils and blends for various phases of a woman’s life. How these nature’s best kept secrets be used for improving health, vigour and vitality through various phases that define the life of a woman.

Read on!

  • Childhood- This is the time when little girls are at their playful best all growing up, fun, energetic and lively.

Gentle aromatherapy for them can help. The best way is to diffuse gentle oils like Lavender, Neroli and Chamomile in diffusers or spritz them around the room.

Focus– Adding a few (1-2) drops of Basil oil on a tissue help to enhance focus and memory.

For hyper children, add 1 drop of Lavender oil in 6 drops of almond oil. Take a drop of this blend on your two thumbs and massage the oil in the centre of the child’s palm. This is the solar plexus point, hence, when you gently rub this point with this blend, it will help calm the child.

Fears of the unknown- Most children have an unknown fear of the dark. Diffuse orange essential oil in the child’s room before her bed time to induce a feeling of safety and a calming sleep.

  • Adolescence- Adolescence is often associated with a lot of hormonal changes in a young girl’s body. This is the time when the young ones are full of angst, emotional turmoil, stress, peer pressures, infatuations, boyfriends and identity crisis etc. The rapid bodily changes are a bit hard to cope up with. A few teenage conditions aromatherapy can certainly help with:-

Building Self Confidence:-

Basil, Bergamot- Diffuse in any carrier oil and apply on the heart and chest area or use 2-3 drops in bath water.

Insomnia- Lavender is the best oil for treating insomnia. Add 2-3 drops in bath water at night or through diffusion or simple inhalation. You can also sprinkle a few drops on your pillow.

Fatigue- Rosemary and lemon. Use in a diffuser or put 1-2 drops on a tissue and inhale.

Acne- Acne is the most common teenage issue a lot of adolescent girls deal with. Tea tree oil is best for acne as it helps prevent further infection. Apply topically (neat on acne)

Memory- Basil helps a great deal in retaining memory. The best way to use basil is to inhale it by putting a few drops on a tissue.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – Jasmine, rose geranium, lavender and Neroli essential oil. You can use these oils in warm compresses, soothing baths or simply rub neat (1-2 drops) on your abdomen.

Menstrual cramps- Chamomile tea, lavender and rose essential oil. Drink chamomile tea and do warm compresses with lavender and rose. You can also put 1-2 drops of any of these essential oils in your bath water.

  • Adulthood & Reproductive years- This is the time when women are in their prime and are actually ready to take on the responsibilities and experience adulthood in all its glory. This is the time when their fertility is at its peak. Essential oils can help in myriad ways.


The sensuous woman- Adult women can enhance their sensuality by using these blends as their own customised fragrance:-

Recipe 1

4 drops Lavender.

4 drops Patchouli.

1 drop Sandalwood.

Recipe 2

2 drops Jasmine.

1 drop Patchouli.

1 drop Sandalwood.

You can make your own perfume by blending these exotic oils.


Pregnancy- Pregnancy is a miraculous time for any woman as she is growing a little one inside her. But dealing with an achy back and swollen feet can trigger anxiety and a lot of physical discomforts to the boot. However, as essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful, pregnant women can use them but sparingly. It is safe to use some selective essential oils during pregnancy as long as you are healthy and careful with them. Less is more is the thumb rule while using aromatherapy around pregnant women.

Morning sickness and nausea- Put 1 drop of peppermint oil on a tissue and inhale.

Swollen feet- Put some drops of grapefruit oil in water and soak your feet in it. Get a good massage from time to time to relieve pressure on feet.

Stretch marks- Lavender and Neroli mixed in wheat germ oil can be used to massage on the areas likely to have stretch marks.


The new mother- Ringing in the newborn in your life is one of the most exciting moments in any young mother’s life. But it can also be the scariest as the hormones and the body of the mothers adjust to the baby outside instead of within them. Life changes for a woman when she becomes a mother and the body becomes considerably weak and vulnerable.

Oils like rose, Neroli, lemon, lavender can be used on a tissue as personal inhaler or can be used in massage oil.

Post baby blues– Jasmine and ylang ylang can also be used if you find yourself being hit by the baby blues for a longer time than is normal.


Multiple roles and Stress- Women take on multiple roles in today’s society. With the demands of a fast paced life, they seem to be under more pressure. Women’s roles often include family obligations; caretaking for children, elderly parents and work responsibilities, the list goes on. As demands increase to fulfil these roles, women can feel overwhelmed with time pressures and unmet obligations.

Take some time out to nurture yourself with aromatherapy in a natural and holistic way as it helps you feel calmer and more energized.


Headache- Add 5 drops of geranium, lavender, Neroli or sandalwood in a cool bowl of water. Dip a small towel, wring it out and lay it across your forehead for headaches. If you feel the tension in your neck, place this on the neck.


Nervous and anxious energy- When stress takes the form of nervous and anxious energy, you need to use calming oils like Neroli, sandalwood, ylang ylang, clarysage, rose and lavender.


Try this recipe:-

2 drops geranium.

2 drops lavender.

3 drops bergamot.


Use this as a body massage, in a diffuser or in bath water.


Anger bursts- Stress can also take the form of anger. Neroli essential oil helps calming anger situations.


Lack of appetite- Spice oils help to whet up an appetite. Chewing cardamom helps a great deal.


  • Menopause- It is the time in a woman’s life when ovaries stop functioning and a gamut of symptoms like hot flashes or fatigue that come with menopause can disrupt day to day activities.

Osteoporosis- Clarysage and lemon essential oils help in slowing down the development of osteoporosis which poses an increased risk to women experiencing menopause. Take a stimulating bath or massage with any of these oils.


Mood swings- Use balancing essential oils such as patchouli or soothing oils like lavender to balance out and calm your mood. Either mix in bath water or inhale (1-2 drops) directly from a tissue or a napkin.


Hormonal balance- Lavender helps balance hormones; eases discomfort and help you relax. Use it as a cold compress for additional relief on the affected areas.


Hot flashes- Clarysage helps in treating hot flashes. Take 2-3 drops of clarysage and rub across the nape of your neck or feet. You can also inhale it neat by putting a few drops on a tissue.


Peppermint oil also helps in reducing discomfort during hot flashes. Just add 1-2 drops on a tissue and inhale slowly. This oil also helps in relieving cramping during premenopause.


Anxiety – ylang-ylang or lavender are soothing to use. Inhale (1-2 drops) any of these oils directly from a piece of cloth or indirectly through steam inhalations, vaporizers or sprays or apply to key areas such as breasts, kidney areas, hips and lower back area.


Menopausal fear- Use lavender as it has a calming effect. Either put 1-2 drops on a napkin or a tissue paper or apply to key areas such as breasts, hips, and lower back or kidney areas.

The sunset years- Life comes to a full circle during the later years of a woman. Having experienced the whole life through its ups and downs, this is the time to relax and reflect at a life well spent. However, the old age brings its fair share of problems to deal with, the body becomes sluggish, skin undergoes changes and becomes dry and fragile, and emotions of fear and loneliness shroud your thoughts. Aromatherapy helps ease life as you get older and help alleviate those distressing physical discomforts.


Pep up your mood- Ylang ylang and Neroli pep up your mood. Add 2-3 drops in your bath water or put a few drops on a wet hand towel and wipe yourself down with it.


Aches and pains- Use eucalyptus and lavender essential oils for general aches and pains. Take a teaspoon of any carrier oil; add 1 drop of eucalyptus and 2 drops of lavender and massage the area.


For a body massage you can mix 2 tablespoons of any carrier oil in 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus can also be inhaled if you have cold.


Induce sleep- Lavender, sandalwood and Neroli are calming oils which help induce sleep. Use a drop or two of any of these oils on your pillow or in a diffuser.


High blood pressure- Ylang ylang helps to reduce high blood pressure and is an excellent oil to pep up your mood and lift your spirits.

Massage- A regular massage of neck, shoulders and feet with sandalwood and cedar wood is comforting. Event a gentle hand massage with a drop of these essential oils is soothing.

Depression- Jasmine and rose help to allay the symptoms of depression and make you feel good.

Being a woman in itself is a blessing, so all my lovelies let the world blossom with your smile and make happiness bloom all around you. Happy Women’s Day.

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