How to make your travel special with Him!

Travel diaries with the one you love

It is that time of the year when travelling with your partner is an exciting proposition. You both need to prepare for a comfortable trip and for the unexpected. A change of scene can take your love to greater heights. Here are some soothing strategies for easing hectic moments so that your trip becomes memorable for both of you for the rest of your lives.

  • It is a good idea for us women to empty out our handbags and then pick up only what we essentially need.
  • Keep your tickets and documents in a separate pouch so that you are not looking for them frantically when you need them.
  • Pack a set of light weight clothes in your cabin luggage pack just in case your luggage goes missing, an ordeal I have gone through so many times during my travels.
  • Keep a small aromatherapy kit handy in your main packing. A few scented candles can transform your hotel room into a romantic haven. This is the time to bring out your favourite lingerie, a book of love poems and pack an exciting new dress your lover has not seen before besides the essentials.

Aromatherapy kit:-

You can use a tissue doused with a few drops of ylang ylang to keep your bag slightly perfumed.

Ylang ylang is a great aphrodisiac and also peps you up after a long flight.

Lavender and peppermint work well for travel sickness. Lavender is soothing and is often the best travel companion as it relieves you of jet lag. A friend of mine uses a few drops of lavender on her bed every night. She carries it wherever she is travelling. This helps to reduce the strangeness of a new bed and is comforting.

If you and your partner need to be energetic and awake after a long travel, use a few drops of rosemary which will help you energize while giving you clarity. Also while travelling avoid alcohol and coffee as both tend to dehydrate you, making it difficult for you to recover easily from a long travel.

Exploring a new place together, walking through streets holding hands can be very romantic but it is bound to lead to aching feet and tired muscles. Soak your feet in warm water at the end of a tiring day and rub some peppermint oil on the feet to relieve pain.

If you want to energize yourself for an evening out after a tiring day of exploring the city, use a few drops of rosemary in your bath oil.

Rub some ylang ylang on your pulse points, nape of neck and on hair to entice your partner in that close, intimate dance.

Choose your food wisely so as not to let any strong aromas interfere in the intimate evening you wish to share with your loved one. A glass of wine will help you relax and shed your inhibitions.

Once back in your hotel room, light up the aromatherapy candles to create a romantic ambience. If there are no aromatherapy candles, use a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the normal candles. You could opt for an aromatic soak in the tub together.

Of course, there are times when you are separated from your partner for a brief or long period when either of you travel. A good way to get your beloved to remember you is to put some of your signature aroma blend on pieces of cotton and tuck them away his/her suitcase.

If you are travelling and the partner is at home, use these cotton balls in and around the areas where your partner is likely to hang around, tuck them in the corners of the sofa, and put them beneath the pillow where the subtle aroma will remind him/her of you.

Go out and discover this beautiful world with the one who is your world, as it is not where you go but who you travel with is what matters.

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