Neem – Nature’s Pharmacy

I have for long been advocating a green and holistic lifestyle free of chemicals and harmful toxins. My experience of over 35 years in the field of aromatherapy and my indigenous products under my brand name Aroma magic are a testimony of my resolve of steering new standards of sustainability in the beauty industry.

I have witnessed an evolution or rather an entire culture shift in peoples’ attitude towards life and environment around over the last decade. Living or going green is not simply a fad or a trend, nor does it involve making one or two minute changes in one’s lifestyle, but living a green and holistic life means bringing in about a slow and steady shift in our entire way of thinking of our role on earth as human beings and altering how we live accordingly.

As people these days are looking for additional ways to ‘go green’, moving away from chemical products and substances makes sense. Eco-friendly is a fast moving movement where the focus is shifting to everything eco-friendly, Eco-friendly clothing, beauty products, and everything else in between.

As a part of my resolve, a lot of activities under CSR initiatives at Aroma Magic aim at planting trees across the country to make the world a sustainable place for our future generations and leave a green legacy for them. I have especially been focussed on planting Neem trees as they are miracle plants that offer both health and environmental benefits to mankind.

Neem is a fantastic skin care ingredient as it keeps skin supple, keeps dryness at bay, soothes itchiness, redness, irritation and improves general skin health by stopping bacterial infections, such as acne, boils and ulcers. When used in hair oils, neem promotes shiny, healthy hair, prevents premature greying and prevents dryness. In short, neem is good for your overall health. Drinking neem juice every morning helps fight unwanted tissues in your body and help the body to clean them.

Even in the ancient system of medicine, i.e., Ayurveda, neem was used as an essential ingredient in a lot of remedies for immune system, skin and hair as it enhances immunity, stimulates digestive functions, improves liver function, detoxifies the blood, promotes a healthy respiratory and digestive system. It is described as “SARVA ROGA NIVARINI” which means “one that keeps away all sorts of diseases.” in the Ayurveda tradition.

Since, neem has amazing medicinal qualities, it also kills cancerous cells. Consuming it everyday not only keeps the number of cancerous cells in the body within a certain limit, it also stops them from ganging up against your system.

Under my brand Aroma magic also, three of my products Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash and Neem Soap are one of my bestsellers.

With all these amazing benefits, planting neem saplings is a win win situation both for the humans as well as the nature. Growing neem trees takes little water as its roots tap deep in the ground and suck in a lot of nutrients from the soil. The nutrients are in turn returned to the surface as leaf litter for other plants to use.

Neem trees also accumulate calcium; hence growing neem trees in areas which are mostly deserts brings the acidic soil back to neutral thereby reclaiming the exploited soils. Neem can grow anywhere and improves the quality of soil over time as well. In short, neem is nature very own pharmcay

Now, since trees especially neem trees are air purifiers as they absorb around 72kg of suspended particulate matter in the air, we need to plant more and more of them if we want to contain our carbon emissions and arrest the growth of global warming.

This Environment Day, take a pledge to plant at least one neem tree around your locality, give away neem saplings to your friends, family and spread the word. Plant one neem tree and benefit your future generations and the environment for the next 200 years.

If you wish to connect with me on the same or want to know more about this noble initiative, contact my team at

Join our campaign to save the environment because our mother earth is precious, secure it, nurture it for a better today and a safer tomorrow. HAPPY ENVIRONMENT DAY!


To know more about Aromatherapy and beauty tips contact dr. Blossom Kochhar on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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