Benefits of using Lavender – the calming oil

Lavender is one of my favourite essential oils, in fact the concept of Aromatherapy came about after discovering the benefits of Lavender. French scholar and chemist Rene’-Maurice Gattefosse accidently discovered the healing properties of lavender in 1910. Once during an experiment, he burnt his hand accidently and put this whole hand in a big container of lavender essential oil in a jiffy. He found out that not only did his hand cooled at once, it healed very fast. There were no bubbles on the burnt area and it healed without any scar. This is when he started experimenting with essential oils.

I have myself for years now, used Lavender essential oil, I have literally lived with this oil to understand its uses and it has really benefited me. So, I would like to share with you all the benefits of this amazing oil and how it can be used.

Burns – Lavender is great for burns, in fact, it is one of the best for treating them.

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How to use: in case of burns, put lavender straight (neat) on the affected area, it will cool the area down and heal it fast without a scar. Lavender is good for sunburn too. Take 5 -10 drops of lavender in ice cold water and apply it on the burnt area, it will calm you down. You can also put 2-3 drops of lavender in aloe vera gel and apply it on the sunburnt area to heal it.

Relaxes & Calms – Lavender is very relaxing. You can use it in case you cannot sleep or just want to relax after a terrible day at work or anywhere.

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How to use: Put it in a diffuser or candle to calm your nerves. You can use it in bath water or as a room spray for a calming effect. You can also have cold compress with it in case you feel exhausted and tired. Once i travelled to Agra in scorching summer, after I reached I was absolutely drained. So, i straight away took a small towel; put it in cold water to which i added a few drops of lavender and put it on the nape of my neck, ate some chips as they had salt. In about five minutes i was up on my feet again. Lavender revived me out of my after travel exhaustion within minutes.

High Blood pressure – high bp patients can use lavender to calm themselves down.

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How to use: use it in bath water or put it on the palms of your hands, soles of the feet or on your solar plexus.

Sensitive skin – lavender is an excellent oil for sensitive skin

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How to use: put a drop of lavender essential oil in water and rinse your face with it.

Hair fall – lavender is good for falling hair too

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How to use: massage your hair with lavender regularly.

Aches & pains – lavender works wonder on rheumatism and general aches & pains

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How to use: use it in massage oil and massage the area where it is paining. If you have spondylitis then use lavender straight on the joints of the backbone. Do not massage the area; just apply the oil on it.

Big toe – lavender help heal big toe

Image result for big toe pain

How to use: use it neat on the affected area

Insect bites: lavender also treats insect bites

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How to use: in case of insect bite, use lavender essential oil neat on the affected area.

Jet lag – lavender work wonders for jet lag

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How to use: Put 5 – 10 drops of lavender oil in cold water,dip a small towel in it, apply the towel on your neck and massage your feet with it.

Word of Caution: do not use lavender essential oil on low blood pressure patients as it calms them down all the more.


To know more about essential oils,reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I will be happy to connect with you all. Love – Dr. Blossom Kochhar.




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