5 Wedding Trends for you!

The wedding season is almost at the door now and you’ve got lots of preparations to do! The excitement makes you smile and dance and celebrate like anything. Doesn’t it? So if you’re here looking for inspiration to pep up this Wedding season, then search no more. Here I have 5 best trending fashion statements that will make everyone go gaga over the pretty you!!

  1. The dot of Desi style!


A beautiful red Bindi is just all the traditional touch you need with your ethnics tonight! Either with a bold eye liner or just smudging dark kohl, a Bindi can rock any look, making you super gorgeous Desi girl!

  1. Jhumkis all the way

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Gone are the days of big afghan balis and loops, this Wedding season revive the graceful jhumkis in gold or silver, embellished with pearls and kundan, adding to you the elegant and royal compliment that you deserve. Remember to tie your hair in a delicate bun or flip them back to adorn the complete look.

  1. Blink with the Bling!

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The big fat Indian Weddings are all about the spark and sizzle, as far as our sight goes. Now, let’s add that spark to your lashes. Take loose gold pigment, dispense and mix with transparent mascara, and dab it on your eyelashes to get oh-so-gorgeous gold lashes!

  1. For dazzling smile

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This Wedding season, maroon rules the pout world, so Instead of grabbing your red lipstick as soon as you get ready, step back and try toning it down to a deeper shade. Pick out the best of your maroon lip colour and pair that lovely smile of yours along with it.

  1. Shimmery tips and toes!

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Don’t forget, a perfect look is from tip to toes! While getting a manicure done for your nails, instead of typical nail art ritual let them be dipped and decked up into some glitter. Add a shimmer of your choice to your nails on any of the base nail paint matching with your dress. If you want to keep it subtle, do it on one or two of the nails and let others be French manicured. This way, they will create a balance between the festively glam and gracefully gorgeous you!

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Dr. Blossom Kochhar

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